Bank Rates Plus More Capital

At California Attorney Lending, not only do we offer rates that are comparable to your existing bank line, but we give you significantly more funding than a bank at our customary rates by valuing your contingent fees as assets. As a result, we deliver the financing you need at a blended rate, which is lower than any other specialty lender can offer.

Example Case Study


Law Firm X has a $1 million line with a bank and needs an additional $4 million that the bank refuses to provide.


Until now, Law Firm X would be required to pay off the low-cost bank rate on the $1 million bank line in order to obtain the $5 million—all of which would have been payable at higher-cost rates.


The Hybrid Line allows Law Firm X to obtain the full $5 million: however, the rate on the first $1 million in financing will be comparable to the bank rate. Only the additional $4 million is payable at traditional litigation financing rates.


A blended interest rate that is much lower than any other law firm lender can provide.

Benefits of the Hybrid Line™

Rates comparable to your current bank line
Additional funding at our customary rates
Blended interest rates lower than any other financing company can provide
Significantly more capital than a bank can offer
Proceeds can be used for any practice-related expense
Increased financing as your case inventory grows
Flexible repayment terms
Free access to case expense tracking software
Ability to pass-through loan interest to clients for case expenses (if permitted in your state)
One-on-one business and financial support
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Resources to start your own law firm

Opening a new practice is expensive. Before you even generate any fees you have substantial costs associated with incorporating, rent, payroll, advertising and prosecuting your firm's contingent litigation. California Attorney Lending can provide you with the financing and resources you need to launch your new firm.



Funding for advertising

Increasingly plaintiffs’ firms need to advertise in order to obtain clients in the extremely competitive legal industry. Marketing is a substantial investment, but it is a necessary tool for any law practice. California Attorney Lending provides you with the financing resources you need to successfully market your firm.

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Funding for case expenses

Filing fees, depositions, experts, travel and trial preparation are just some of the expenses plaintiffs’ firms must cover. Funding from California Attorney Lending provides your firm with access to the funds you need to obtain the best result for you and your client.

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Resources for operating expenses

The timing of law firm fees can be unpredictable—resulting in significant peaks and valleys in your cash flow. Conversely, your overhead expenses need to be covered on a regular and consistent basis. A loan, line of credit or non-recourse advance from California Attorney Lending provides your firm with cash flow stability during the valleys to ensure you can meet your firm’s obligations as they come due.

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Funding for growth

Increasing the size of your staff, the geographic area you serve and the number of clients you represent is challenging for a contingent fee practice. Each new lawsuit you file as a result of your growth also increases the financial burden on your firm. A credit line from California Attorney Lending provides your firm with the comfort of knowing you have the capital necessary to fund your expansion.

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How We Compare

Powerful credit resources with superior terms

We have designed our credit lines to be straightforward, without the complex rates and hidden fees of other lenders. Compare how our terms stack up against the competition:

Features California Attorney Lending Other Lenders
Pre-Payment Penalty None 10 - 15% with some specialty lenders
Ticking / Other Fees None Up to 7% per annum
Rate Comparable to your bank rate + customary rate on additional funding Customary specialty lender rate
Loan Term 4 years 1 year
Annual Maintenance Fees None 0.5 - 2%
Balloon Payment None Standard with most banks
Draw Fees None Up to 2% with some specialty lenders
Use of Proceeds Any law firm related expense Case expenses only with some specialty lenders