Reliable Funding for Class Action Firms

Class action cases are expensive and can take years to resolve—leaving your firm financially strained. California Attorney Lending has helped some of the nation’s top class action firms stand strong during lengthy and expensive litigations. Our products give you the financial stability and resources to see your cases through to successful resolution.

Flexible Long-Term Solutions

Financing to withstand drawn-out litigations

Having the resources needed to represent a large class of individuals—over a lengthy period of time—against deep-pocket defendants is no easy task. California Attorney Lending’s financing and post-settlement funding provide your firm with significantly more capital than a traditional bank and our terms are the most flexible in the industry. Whether you need to cover overhead costs, pay case expenses or finance the growth of your firm, we will provide you with the financial confidence necessary to secure the best result for your clients.

Product Highlights for Class Action Lawyers

Significantly more capital than a bank can offer
Increased financing as your case inventory grows
Flexible repayment terms
Power to combine operating financing with post-settlement financing as cases resolve
One-on-one business and financial support
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