Accelerate Access to Your Fees

Payments from resolved cases can be delayed for a number of reasons, including slow-paying defendants, the claims administration process, appeals and lien resolution. However, you don’t have to wait. You can gain access to your attorneys’ fees now with California Attorney Lending’s post-settlement financing.

Convert Expected Fees to Cash

Our post-settlement funding provides you an advance on your anticipated attorneys’ fees and reimbursable expenses on settled cases—immediately. By viewing contingent fees as your firm’s most valuable asset, we can provide you much more financing than a bank at some of the lowest rates in the industry.

Benefits of Post-Settlement Financing

Quick financing
Streamlined underwriting process
Recourse and non-recourse options 
Power to combine post-settlement funding with a credit line
No monthly interest payments
Repay as you collect fees
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Example Transaction

A post-settlement financing illustration in mass torts setting

A firm has 100 settled cases in mass tort litigation. The firm’s fees from the cases (net of amounts due to other attorneys) are $1 million. Rather than wait to receive payment, the firm can obtain post-settlement funding from California Attorney Lending and receive up to 80% of its anticipated fees (i.e. $800,000)—immediately.