The National Trial Lawyers

California Attorney Lending has been exclusively endorsed by The National Trial Lawyers (NTL) since 2011. NTL, a subsidiary of Legal Associations Management, is one of the two major national trial lawyer organizations in the U.S. The primary goal of NTL is to assist litigators in building high-quality law practices by delivering first-rate educational resources and offering valuable networking opportunities.

In renewing the endorsement of the financial services company in 2016 for a second, five-year term, Thomas Girardi, Esq., President, stated, “California Attorney Lending and its team continually demonstrate their allegiance to the plaintiffs’ bar and commitment to our mission to promote excellence in the legal profession. California Attorney Lending’s staff of attorneys has, collectively, more than 200 years of litigation experience and this makes them a standout in the industry. We are confident recommending their financing services.”